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Cultural Programs

Don't hesitate to connect with our team if you have any questions, or want to find out how to get involved! Or better yet, come see us in person!


Cultural Information

Community is an important value to Indigenous culture and to the Edson Friendship Centre. We honor this by offering cultural workshops and reconciliation education to the Edson community and surrounding area.

Organizations, companies and individuals can connect with the EFC for a variety of cultural needs.  This could be in the form of group Blanket Exercises, Cultural Awareness Sessions, Professional Development Workshops, Cultural Activities, Elder Support or Local Histories.

We welcome all inquiries and will work with your company or individuals to provide the support you are looking for. 

We recognize the uniqueness of our area and its members and encourage our whole community to educate themselves in the true Indigenous histories, peoples and families that have contributed to our beautiful land.   

We encourage connections with our area's Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, as we respect the sacredness of relationships and their vital contribution to the growth of our youth and our combined future.  We look forward to connecting with you!

About Our Elders

We are lucky to have Metis and First Nations Elders at the Edson Friendship Centre to support our youth, staff and community members.  With our elders, we are stronger as an organization in the programming that we offer our community as we strive to have everyone thrive and succeed. 

Our elders will be stepping into the roles of supporting youth in our community through our various programs. We were taught that staying connected is very important throughout the pandemic, so support is offered from them, when needed.  We are so thankful for their willingness to guide us. 

We currently have an elders support program that distributes baskets/bags to our elders on a monthly basis. The contents vary from month to month, but aim to show our elders a small token of how much we appreciate them. 

We also have a running lunch program that runs every Tuesday and Thursday for our elders. They are welcome to come and eat, play cards, or just visit and reconnect with friends. 

When funding permits, we will continue with trips for elders to various sites and/or events.  This year we packed up and went to the River Cree Resort and Casino for their Indigenous Christmas Market.  What a great day we all had!

Elder's Wisdom Council



We are committed to supporting organizations and individuals on their reconciliation journey through Blanket Exercises, cultural training, providing local history and events.  We welcome all inquiries and opportunities to walk together.  



Join us in our traditional workshops! Everyone is welcome to learn, laugh and participate!


Traditional Events

The Edson Friendship Centre hosts events that are open to the everyone for traditional teachings and to support Indigenous ways of knowing. 

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