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Who We Are & Our Story

The Edson Friendship Centre is all about embracing the needs of the Indigenous community and beyond, including First Nations, Métis, and non-Indigenous individuals. The Centre has been able to grow and support the needs of the residents of Edson and the surrounding area.


Our values are important to us and they guide the everyday operations of the Edson Friendship Centre. They go as follows:


  • To be a safe place where anyone in the community, regardless of need, is welcome.

  • To accept and respect the diversity of the people who access our services and participate in our programs.

  • To ensure that all programs and services are centered around our clients/customers a focus on public engagement remains a priority.

  • To continually adapt to the changing needs of the people we serve.

  • To cultivate, teach and practice the characteristics that are unique aspects of our cultural and historical traditions.

  • To be a positive, fun, creative and enjoyable place to work that respects work-life balance.

The Edson Friendship Centre was established in 1986 and has contributed to the diverse fabric of the Town of Edson for over 30 years. Initially a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta, Local #44, a dedicated group from the membership identified gaps in addressing the specific needs of the Indigenous community. They saw a need for a larger and more equal voice for all Indigenous people of Edson. In 1986, the group applied to join the Friendship Centre movement as a non-funded centre. The addition of a Drop-In Centre and programs such as the Family Support Program has allowed the Edson Friendship Centre to provide a safe and supportive place for all people to come and access services.

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